Top 10 tips to get better sleep

. 3 min read

Creating a healthy routine surrounding your sleep is the best way to ensure that you have less restless nights. A weighted blanket is a great aid to unwinding and getting ready for sleep, and works even better if you follow these sleeping tips.

1. Stick to a sleep schedule

Your body has it's own internal timekeeping mechanism, which works best when it's on a reliable schedule. Make sure your body clock is always synchronised by maintaining a regular bedtime and wake up time. Even on weekends! Use your Cocoon weighted blanket to help increase the levels of melatonin and serotonin which your body uses to signal it's time to sleep.

2. Get in the right state of mind

It's much easier to get to sleep when you're relaxed and calm. Make an effort to remove yourself from bright light, loud noises and other stressors for at least an hour before you go to bed. Activities which cause excitement, stress or anxiety can all make achieving a deep satisfying sleep significantly harder.

3. Limit your naps

Naps can be a great way to recharge your batteries and help get your through the day, but they can cause problems with getting to sleep at night. If you regularly nap and find that you have problems getting a proper sleep in the evening, try reducing your naps, especially in the afternoon.

4. Get some exercise daily

Getting active helps your body in all sorts of ways, from making you happier, and healthier, to helping you sleep better. Make sure you get out and do a bit of exercise everyday, and you will start to feel a benefit in the amount and quality of sleep you are getting at night.

5. Create a sleep environment

Your bedroom should be designed around helping you achieve a great night's sleep. Make sure it is not too hot, between 15 and 20 degrees is perfect, not too loud, and free from any light. Evaluate your room for any of these sleep-disrupting factors and take steps to minimise or eliminate them; consider using blackout curtains, eye masks, or earplugs.

6. Your matress matters

A mattress which is comfortable and supportive can make getting to sleep and staying asleep easier, as well as helping you feel refreshed rather than achy when you wake up. A good mattress has a lifespan of around 9-10 years, after which it may no longer provide the support needed. Team up your mattress with some comfortable pillows in high-quality covers to see the most benefits.

7. Leverage your lighting

We live in a time where we have light on demand, with the screens we use pumping out lots of blue light which can confuse your body's natural rhythm. Start your day with a burst of bright light, preferably sunlight if possible, and cut back the brightness and intensity of light in the evening to help your body orient itself in time, and keep your circadian rhythm in check.

8. Watch what you're eating and drinking

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for all aspect of health and wellbeing, this extends to getting a great night sleep. Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine can all impact your ability to get to sleep and achieve a deep restorative sleep. Big or spicy meals too soon before bed can cause discomfort and interrupt your sleep. Try to stop eating at least two hours before bed; if you are really hungry then limit yourself to a light snack.

9. Don't fight against your body

If you can't get to sleep it's often best to get out of your bed, move to a different room and undertake a calming activity until you begin to feel tired. Being unable to get to sleep can be stressful and lying in bed trying to force yourself to sleep more often ends in frustration than a satisfying sleep.

10. Eliminate the devices

Electronic devices emit blue light which can cause disruption to your body's rhythm and make it harder to get to sleep, using these devices in bed can undo all the work of a good sleep routine and leave you feeling frustrated and anxious rather than restful. Mobile devices can also disrupt sleep by vibrating or making noises, which can wake you up and prevent you getting to sleep. Bedrooms work best when only used for sleep.